Home Goals 2012: an update

Monday, October 22, 2012

See those links down at the bottom of this post under "You Might Also Like:"?  Best thing I ever added to this ol' blog because I rarely go back and read old posts I've written, but having them randomly generated in an easily accessible fashion allows me to go back and be all nostalgic without having to think much about it.

Well, the other day, I clicked on the Home Goals 2012 post I wrote back in January, listing all the things I wanted to do this year.  I thought today would be a good time to give a little update on how I'm doing.  I've highlighted the ones that are not yet completed.

1) Finish Craft Room

I've made a ton of progress, but I'm still not calling it done.  I still need to add a couple of things to the gallery wall, get a TV and mount it on the wall opposite the sofa, and maybe get a rug.  So I'm almost there but not quite.  We'll put this one on the list to complete in 2013.  Check out all my craft room projects here.

2)  Get bookshelves so all our books will no longer reside in two bankers boxes.

Um, yeah, that's still on the list.  I'm thinking we'll tackle that early next year.

3)  Buy a new duvet for the master bedroom.  Done!

I think figuring out the lamp situation will be a goal for 2013.  The lamps in the photo above are now in the office, awaiting their fate in another room, so we've had no bedside lighting for months.  I really want to hang sconces, but we'll see.

4)  Install engineered hardwoods in the basement.

Yeah, that was a lofty goal and one I still hope to accomplish one day.  Although now I'm reconsidering hardwoods... maybe heated tile?

5)  Replace address plaque.  Done!

6)  Replace old tube TV and armoire in our bedroom with a flat screen and some sort of dresser.

Still scouring Craigslist for just the right thing!

7)  Hang more photos/artwork.  I think I've accomplished this with the gallery wall in the craft room, although I still have some blank walls in need of attention.

8)  Start and finish laundry closet makeover.  Done!

9)  Frame mirror in master bath.

Still hoping to win a MirrorMate giveaway!  I enter every single one I see, but so far, no dice.

10)  Create better storage in garage and storage room.  Done!

I don't think I've shown you guys any photos of our storage room because who really wants to see an ugly, utilitarian room with cinder block walls, but we spent a whole Saturday a couple months ago getting it organized and it looks so much better and is so much more functional now!

Those were my 10 goals for the year and I've done 5 of them, so that's a pretty good success rate, right?  And who knows, maybe I'll finish the craft room, get a dresser for the bedroom, and get some bookshelves before the end of the year... I still have 2 months!

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