A Fun Weekend

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey hey hey!  I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!  For us, it was busy.

On Friday night, I helped throw my friend Emily a surprise baby shower.  Her little girl is due in January so there isn't much time left for us to hang out sans kids.

The theme was "Ready to Pop" (which I saw here), so we had popcorn, Blow Pops, cake pops, sparkling grape juice (the idea was that it would "pop" open but sadly, it was just a screw top - ha!), and decorated with balloons (they pop, duh), pom poms and little pinwheels.

Emily and her hubs David just thought they were coming over for dinner, so we kept up the ruse by having dinner upstairs in the dining room, then luring them down to the basement where the little party was all set up.

Just the girls!

Crystal (2nd from right) had the brillz idea to make David a "Daddy Doo-ty Tool Belt" complete with all the diaper changing necessities, including air freshener and a clothespin for his nose!

It was a great night spent with my closest friends and I can't wait to see the little baby (she'll be the first out of all of our friends!).

On Saturday, we headed up the mountain to the last home football game of the season.  Normally, the temps in Boone hover in the 40s in November, but we had an unseasonably warm day!  It was so nice to end the season on a high note!

(Well, we will probably have some playoff games at home, so we might get to experience some near-freezing temps yet!)

Steven and I snagged a pic with our mascot, Yosef...

...who then took a turn driving the bus!

Steven lucked out and got a ticket in one of the suites for the game so me and Jordan were left down in the stands to root on our team!

Sunday meant a productive day for Steven (he finally fixed our leaky kitchen sink the right way - in other words, without duct tape! - and he got around to replacing the fan in our bathroom which has been out for months), and another baby shower and a trip to Target for me!  Ooh, I got this fantastic sparkly cardigan that I can't wait to wear on Thanksgiving!  Do you guys dress up for holidays or is it just me?  I just feel so much more festive when I put the extra effort in, even if everyone else is in sweatshirts and jeans.


  1. What a cute idea for a shower! I love your set-up, the pom poms are adorbs, and the balloons obviously go with your theme:)

    I guess it would be mean to offer champagne that "pops" to all by the pregnant girl?


  2. What a great party table!! That was so nice of you to have a surprise baby shower for your friend. Wish I had friends like you.