Whitewashing the Walls

Monday, November 5, 2012

As I mentioned on my Facebook page on Thursday, I spent the day paintbrush in hand!  Want to see what I was up to?

That's right, I painted the walls below our chair rail white!  I've wanted to do it for a while and finally just bit the bullet and got 'er done.  

The great thing about painting only the bottom part of the walls is that all you have to worry about is taking off the outlet covers.  I didn't have to take any frames off the wall, and certainly not any curtains:

I used Valspar's paint + primer in one (low odor, zero voc) in Ultra White eggshell (i.e. straight out of the can, no mixing required!).  It took 2 full coats, and some touch-ups.  Oh, and 9.5 straight hours of work.  Yeah, I was pretty sore from all the squatting and sitting on the hard floor all day.

I'm so glad I finally just did it!  The room is so much brighter now and I have to say, it looks like it was always meant to be this way!

In fact,  none of our guests have even noticed because it looks so natural!  Actually, I'm not sure if I like that after all the hard work I put into it!  ha

Yeah, just ignore the key out in no man's land.  Steven knocked that frame off and broke it.  I'm tired of that frame wall anyway... any suggestions for what could replace it?

Another before...

and after!  I know you can only seen little snippets of the walls in here, but I still think the contrast looks so much better than the monochromatic before!

Just in case you wanted a lovely view of our trash can...

The walls starting in this corner and all the way around to the dining room are a darker color than the walls in the rest of the great room.  I thought that was a brillz idea I had when we painted them before we moved in, but now I'm kind of over it.  I'm hoping that by painting the bottom white, I can live with it for a little longer before deciding what color I want to paint the upper half.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the darker color is Valspar's Hotel Carl Tan, and the lighter color is Valspar's Cliveden Sandstone.

I think the dining area is my favorite.  The white walls make such a difference in there.  Before:




And one more side-by-side for your viewing pleasure!

I lovey love love it!  

Do you have a chair rail in your home?  Are your walls the same color above and below?

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  1. Jenna--well done friend! This looks absolutely amazing! So proud of you for getting such a big painting project completed in one day, very impressive ;) The white makes your house look larger and even more elegant! It really looks great, I know it must make you giddy every time you walk through the door! I love it--such a small thing like paint can make the greatest impact!

    Now sit on your comfy couch, eat a bowl of ice cream, and watch a movie--you deserve a break!! :)

  2. I like it! Huge difference. Gives the room depth and layers.

  3. love it looks so good. ang

  4. Wow this turned out so awesome! You did a fabulous job!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  5. What sheen did you use? I have semi-gloss on my baseboards, but I imagine that would be way too shiny on a wall. Can you please tell me what sheen you used? Thanks.