A New Rug for the Living Room

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I mentioned last week that I gave into the Cyber Monday sales and scored 75% off a new rug for our living room at Rugs USA.  The old one, which you can catch a little snippet of below, was a floral 5 x 7 number that I paid $100 for at Target in January of 2011.  I knew it was too small for the space, but the colors were right and it was better than nothing, so I tried to make it work.

Wow this photo is old!

So, when I saw a post on Facebook about Rugs USA's sale, I wasted no time going over there to peruse the selection.  And boy what a selection they have!  It took me two hours to finally make a decision (both because of all the choices and the fact that everyone and their mother was on the site and it was s.l.o.w.).  I finally chose an 8 x 10 Maui Chunky Loop rug, originally $531, but mine for the very reasonable price of $132 + free shipping.  (I just checked their site and an 8 x 10 is $350 now.)

Our sofa actually sits on top of the rug!  It's a miracle!

The space feels so much more defined now that we have a appropriately sized rug.  I thought seriously about bringing in a pattern, but I know myself well enough to know that I'm too practical for that.  I need something versatile.  Something that will be able to grow with my changing tastes.  Most importantly, something neutral.  Oh, and since this isn't our forever house, I wanted something that could easily translate to another room in another house seamlessly.

The texture kills me.

The name doesn't lie... it definitely has a chunky loop!  In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that this rug is not the most comfy on the tootsies.  But for this space, we don't mind because we don't go walking through here all that much.  It's not a room where we spend that much time.  

I do have one issue with the new rug, though.

Our end tables don't quite fit on it, which causes them to lean to the scronces just a bit.  I may try to put little felt pads under the two feet that hang off the rug to raise them up, or I may decide to do another round of end table switcheroo.  I have found one use for the leaning tables, though.  They're great for burning 3-wick candles where one of the wicks won't quite burn the wax down.  Just turn it around so that wick is on the downhill slope and the melted wax will even out.  Boom shakalaka.

I love this view of the tassels.

So, what do you think?  Big improvement, no?

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  1. Love it! My living room is sooooo similar. Brown leather furniture, same rug, red and burlap Christmas d├ęcor....