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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a fan of leggings?  Honestly, they're one of those fashion items that I really had to warm up to.  I think they can be so cute paired with a dress or a long sweater, but not when worn as pants (seriously, no one's bum looks good in leggings!).  No nonsense tights and leggings sent me a pair and asked me to create an outfit around them.  Honestly, I had a hard time, this being my first foray into leggings, but I think I came up with a cute, simple way to incorporate them into your wardrobe to extend the wearability of summer skirts.
Plain tee + denim skirt + leggings + statement necklace + leopard shoes = simple, casual outfit perfect for a day of shopping or running errands.  Pair this with a cardigan and you'd have an outfit that could go straight into winter!

These are No nonsense's Espresso leggings, and they are the perfect shade of brown that will go with just about anything.  In fact, I have a summery dress I bought on clearance at Target a couple months ago that I only got to wear once before it got too cold.  Now I can just pair it with leggings and heels and wear it straight through the coldest months.
Another great thing about this outfit is just how affordable it is.

Old Navy shirt:  $4
Groopdealz necklace:  $10
Charlotte Russe Bracelet:  $3
AE Skirt:  $30 (5+ years ago!)
Target leopard flats:  $15
No nonsense leggings:  Extremely affordable at drugstores and mass retailers everywhere!
No nonsense also sent me a pair of Apple Red tights, which I was so excited about because I LOVE colorful tights.  Leggings might have been new to me, but tights are most definitely not.  I love pairing unexpected tights with the most conservative, plain Jane outfits.  Oh, and I didn't have a pair of red ones, so cue the happy dance!

I love this work or church appropriate outfit paired with bright tights to really make a statement.
It can also be really festive for a party when paired with a Christmas lights necklace:

This outfit it very affordable too:

No name shirt:  Gift (but I know it was inexpensive)
Forever 21 Necklace:  $3
BR Skirt:  $16 (8 years ago!  It's high quality wool and a classic shape and I have gotten so much wear out of this super-clearanced skirt.  I have 2 more just like it, in black and pin-striped.)
Madden Girl Shoes:  $30
No nonsense Apple Red tights:  Extremely affordable at drugstores and mass retailers everywhere!
If you can't tell by now, I don't like to spend a ton of money on clothes.  It's extremely rare that I spend more than $30 on any item of clothing, so what I do buy, I like to make sure that it's classic and will last me for more than one season.  Emmy-award winning fashion expert Jill Martin is the new brand ambassador for No nonsense.  She will be educating women on how to wear the brand’s new colorful and high-impact tights and leggings through several online vignettes and social media. Jill is going to share her knowledge about how to make the most of every outfit in your closet without spending a fortune - my kind of lady!
What's your clothing philosophy?  Are you a big spender or a Scrooge like me?  Do you incorporate tights and leggings into your wardrobe?
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  1. Cute looks! I usually wear work out leggings to the gym, but cannot wear them as pants because it just shouldn't be done. Love the colorful tights though. I am wear a black dress, boots, and cardigan right now with argyle print tights. I wish I had red tights instead!