Living Room Tree: Continuing with the white, silver and burlap theme

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hola amigas!  I'm so excited to share my living room tree with you!  I decided last year, after putting up the same ol' ornaments for the 5th time that this year would be different, and I have to say that I'm so glad I switched it up.  

Now introducing:  Our white, silver and burlap tree!

I saw a pin on Pinterest that suggested hanging little mirror ornaments on your tree to up the sparkle factor, so I did.

All it took was tiny mirrors from Hob Lob, some hot glue and fishing line.  Sadly, I think I needed more to really make that much of an impact.  Oh well, they're still kinda cute.

I found some foam snowflakes at the Dollar Tree (they were marketed as coasters but were really just thin die-cuts), not knowing what I would do with them but hey, they were only $1!  Turns out, they clip onto tree branches without any help at all and look so cute.

I included all the white and silver ornaments I had in my stash (with some red balls thrown in), as well as some that I bought after Christmas last year.  This owl is my fave.

The felt Christmas trees came from Target.

And one final look...

You can catch a sneak peak of my new rug in the photo above!  I'll share all the deets on that tomorrow.  Oh, and a tutorial for the ruffly burlap tree skirt will be later this week!

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