A New Dresser: Craigslist Score

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back before Christmas, I was randomly surfing Craigslist one day when I came across a freshly painted dresser for a heck of a steal.  I originally intended for it to replace the huge armoire in our master bedroom, but when we brought it inside and set it in the guest room justfornow, it ended up looking so perfect in that space that it stayed.

It's currently sporting an old TV that's not even hooked up (for the number of guests we have - hardly any - it doesn't make sense to pay for a satellite box for this room), and the drawers hold some winter gear and other random things.  It sits along the wall at the foot of the bed between the closet (on the right) and the door (on the left).

Looking in from the doorway, you can see the queen sized bed, which is what we slept on when we lived in Ohio (oh super-soft mattress, how I miss you so!).  This room has a subtly French vibe (hello fleur de lis, Eiffel Tower lamp, Eiffel Tower metal sculpture, and Eiffel Tower wine rack... okay, so it's not so subtle) leftover from my college dorm days.

Okay, back to the dresser.  The lady who refinished it used leftover wood flooring on the top, which I love.

The shiny lacquer finish mixed with the curvy lines just screams Paris to me and mixes so well with the curvy lines of the bed.

We were able to sell the tiny chest of drawers that was here before for $25, which brought the price of this bad boy down from $60 to $35.  Can't beat that, I say.

Have you scored anything on Craigslist lately?

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