Making Your Own Disney Lanyards

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Tuesday morning to you!  I finally have the tutorial for the Disney lanyards I promised you a couple weeks ago!  A tutorial is really not even necessary because they are THAT easy.  

1 yard of woven trim (it's found on an end cap in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby)
1 D ring (make sure the D ring is wide enough for the trim to fit in it)

~10 minutes

First, drape the trim around your neck and determine the length you want.  Make sure not to make it too short or you'll have a weird buckling effect when you wear it.  I found it looks best when it hits a couple inches above your belly button.  Leave about an inch and a half on each end for a seam allowance and cut it.  I put pins at my desired length so I could easily figure out where I needed to put the D ring.

Slide one end of the trim through the D ring and fold it up until you reach the pin.

Using a straight stitch, sew across the lanyard several times to secure the D ring in place.

Repeat for the other end of the lanyard and add your pins!

Now you can go to Disney and pin trade to your heart's content!

By the way, before this trip, I was aware of pin trading but had never tried it before.  After this trip, I have to say that I am ADDICTED to finding the next, latest and greatest pin.  I ended up with 4 different collections that I LOVE and only came home with 2 of my original pins.  We bought a lot of 25 pins on eBay before the trip, just for trading.  Next time, we'll be buying at least 50.  It's SO FUN.  Okay, now I sound like a nerd.

My current pin collection:

Princesses, Pirate Mickeys, Nerdy Mickeys, and Pennants.  Only the Princess and Pennant collections are complete.  I have a goal of finishing the other two collections on my next trip.  :)

Happy trading!

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  1. Um, yes, you totally sound like a pin-trading nerd (who goes to disney without kids!!!), but I LOVE your idea to buy pins ahead of time. We went 2 years ago when we had 2 kids, 2 and 4, and loved it, but we only had 2 pins to start, and they didn't want to give them up! Next time (when I'm still only taking the older 2 kids, who will be 4 and 6, not the baby) I'll buy some on ebay ahead of time.