Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to the second installment of Snapshots, where I take time out each Thursday and share with you some photos I took the previous week with my brand new Canon Rebel t3i.  I'm hoping that by sharing these with you, I'll feel compelled to take more photos and really see what this bad boy can do.

Here we go...

Coloring time.

We got to meet Armanti Edwards (ASU's QB for 2 of our national championship seasons, current wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers) at a local sporting goods store where he was doing a signing last weekend.

It's not often that our kitties coexist so closely, but I think their new sister has tightened their bond.  I had to catch it on film (wait, not really film... SD card?  that doesn't have quite the same ring to it...) so I wouldn't forget this sweet moment in time.

In other news... is today really the last day of January?  I don't understand how the months just keep going by faster and faster...

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