Clearing the Cleaning Clutter

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Like my use of alliteration there?  Yeah, I thought so.  ;)

So, I had a random day off work last Friday and my main mission for the day (other than taking Sadie to the vet and to get groomed.  oh, you should have seen her!  she looked so purdy.  anywho...) was to get the cabinet under the kitchen sink straightened up and somewhat organized.  When we moved back from Ohio in 2010, I put down some fabulous shelf liner and everything was all lined up in nice, neat rows.  Then, our sink leaked and everything had to be taken out, dried off, and the shelf liner disposed of.  We temporarily fixed it, then it leaked again. Steven finally got it fixed for good (woo hoo!) so I thought it was time to get this cabinet organized.

Here's the scary before:

There was all kinds of stuff thrown in there willy nilly.

See that dish drainer back there?  Yeah, I haven't used that in about 2 years... I think it's time for it to go.

Step 1:  Take everything out of cabinet and give it a good cleaning.

Step 2: Go down to basement and raid the stock pile of shelf liner (yes, we have one of those.  that's what happens when your hubby works for a company who makes the stuff.), pick out a neutral color and line the bottom of the cabinet.

Step 3:  Organize all of the cleaning supplies into like groups.  Bathroom, Kitchen, Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning (although our favorite Spot Shot stays in the basement bathroom because Sadie likes to pee on the basement stairs.  don't ask.), Soap, and of course Trash and Yard Sale.

Step 4:  Put everything back into the cabinet based on the groups you just made.  Seldom used items get pushed all the way to the back, with the most frequently used stuff getting a prime location in the front.

I had this extra drawer organizer that I've never found a use for (um, yeah, it was a wedding present 5+ years ago...) so I put it to use holding the soaps, air fresheners, and lightbulbs.

The only thing I bought for this little organizational challenge was 2 black bins (courtesy of Tar-jay).

Ta da!  Organized under-sink cabinet.

This cabinet will never have a beautiful "after" photo, but as long as it's functional and organized for us, it'll be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.


  1. I gotta do this. We have a werid stench coming from underneath our sink so I made my husband go under there and look at the piping. He did something, but the smell is still there. I think it just needs a good deep cleaning; putting it on my to-do list!

  2. Tell us about the 'photographer', he/she covered the whole cleaning event in such an amazing manner that anyone can catch the full story even if he only sees the photos!! Wonderful clicks!!