Craft Room Progress

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm {finally} prepared to show you guys one of the things I got for Christmas.  Talk about being a slacker... it's February for goodness sake!  Oh, and I just checked to see when the last time I updated you guys on my craft room was and you'll never believe it... JULY!  Crap, I need to get my act together.

My father-in-law bought me a TV for my craft room, which I finally got set up on yet another IKEA Expedit (bought with a Christmas gift card, so technically I'm showing you two things, right? ha).

I didn't really need another Expedit for storage purposes (although you can never have enough storage amiright?), but the Expedit seemed to be the right height for TV viewing (especially from my craft table on the other side of the room), and I liked the look of 3 Expedits in the room, so I just went for it.

Of course, when we got it home and put it together, I didn't have a problem filling it with junk treasures.

L to R, Top to Bottom: My fave crafty books (Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts, Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing, and of course, Young House Love) topped off with a $5 Target book end; camera + lens; box made from recycled magazines, filled with who-knows-what; on-the-go craft caddy + Lotso; Jo Totes Camera Bag (Betsy Mustard); box filled with random decor items; a red box that holds tiny fabric scraps + blue Ball jar; portable light box for taking awesome photos.

Now I just need to work on extending the gallery wall all the way to the chalkboard wall.  It's not a whole lot of wall left to fill, so I should be able to get 'er done pretty easily.  Eventually.

Looking back in this direction, this room looks SUPER busy, but isn't that the way a craft room is supposed to look?  It's supposed to be a place to be inspired to create, and being surrounded by all of my favorite things is the best inspiration around.

This room is so close to completion, I can taste it!  Only a couple things still left on the to-do list:

Find end table for beside sofa
Finish gallery wall

And that's it!  I can hardly believe it.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane and recall what this room looked like at the end of 2010:

*shudder*  That's pretty scary.

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