Pinterest Challenge: Anthro Lampshade Knock-Off

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Pinterest Challenge Day!  Yayyyy!  First, it's confession time.  I started this project before the last Pinterest Challenge.  Like, in the fall.  And I just finished it the other night.  Talk about a slacker. *hangsheadinshame*

Anywho, I've had this lampshade from Anthropologie pinned to my "DIY Decor" board pretty much since I signed up for a Pinterest account a long long time ago.

Isn't it great?!  Even though I don't have a serger to make those beautiful edges, I thought I could achieve a similar result without any sewing at all.

First, I grabbed all the black, gray, white and yellow fabric I had in my stash (plus a few I picked up from Hobby Lobby), along with some pom pom fringe.  I laid them all out on my craft table and paired up the ones I thought went well together.

I cut 5" wide strips and 3" wide strips (the length was about an inch longer than the height of my drum shade base) and layered them according to the fabric pairings I'd already decided on.

Then I took all the strips to my ironing board and ironed over about 1/2" seam on each of the long edges of each of the strips (yes, this took a while).  I had planned on sewing them all, but after spending all that time ironing, laziness kicked in and I decided it wasn't totally necessary.  After all, it's just a lampshade, not something that I really worry about fraying all that much.

After the task of ironing was complete, I was left with a lovely stack of fabric!  Ahh... progress.

Next came the more difficult part... deciding how to embellish.  There was really no rhyme or reason to this part.  I just made some pom poms with yarn, clipped some pom poms off the fringe, wrapped pieces of fabric around, and used some leather cording I had all to give the gathered appearance of the Anthro version. 

For the strips I embellished with pom poms, I tied a length of embroidery floss around the middle, then glued the pom poms on top.

To attach the strips, I just squirted some hot glue along the top and bottom of the shade, stuck the larger fabric piece on, then repeated for the smaller piece.  After all the fabric strips were attached, I sandwiched the lampshade in double fold bias tape along the top and bottom, hot gluing as I went.  This gave a finished look so you don't see the raw fabric edges.

Were you wondering where these lampshades were going?

In the basement game room, of course!

Before, these lampshades were kinda plain.  Now they're kinda cute.

Here's a closer shot of all the fabulous texture they provide.  Thanks for the inspiration, Anthro!

I shot a video of one of them so you can see what they look like all the way around.  If you're prone to motion sickness, you may want to skip it.  My hand's none too steady with my new camera.  Although you could just listen to it for the catchy tune.  #leftyahangin  ;)

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  1. Wow - I LOVE them!! And I love your color scheme - yellow/gray-ish. I have that same yellow and dark blue in my guest room! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. That is a super fun lamp shade! And it looks like it was a heck of a lot of cutting and planning. Looks great though.

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  4. Very cool! I want to hang out in that game room!

  5. I have been following your blog for a few years (college friend of Steven's) and have listed it in my top ten for the Sunshine Project! No obligation, but if you do decide to participate, please link your post in the comments on my blog so that I can check it out! Here is the post