Moody Mondays: Modern Nursery

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's that time again... time for Moody Monday!  Did you guys remember to set your clocks forward yesterday?  I forgot to set it before I went to bed, so when my phone alarm went off to tell me to wake up for church, I glanced over at my bedside clock and thought WTF it's only 7:30!  So I went back to sleep.  And thankfully woke up just in time to hop in the shower and rush out the door.  #daylightsavingsfail

The inspiration for this nursery came from this FAB ottoman I saw on Pinterest.  I actually saw it in tan/cream, but when I found this pink version on Olioboard, I knew that it had to be the centerpiece of a sweet, modern nursery.

I don't have a need to decorate a nursery yet, but when I do, I think this ottoman will be MINE.  I think the hot pink and the bright green compliment each other so well.  Oh, and I'm a sucker for geometric prints.  And one other thing - the green piping on the chair?  GORGE!

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