From Mellow Yellow to Bright White

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've talked about our basement bathroom before.  Not too long ago, in fact.  When we painted our basement, we just painted the bathroom the same yellow we were using in the rest of the space.  I haven't thought about it too much for the past 5 years, although I did try to avoid this bathroom at all costs.  It just wasn't inviting.  The toilet tried to eat my butt.  You know, the usual.  

What HAS bothered me, though, has been these cheapo white plastic curtain rings I picked up at Walmart when we were in Ohio because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on things for our guest bathroom up there.  I think the whole package was a dollar or two.  Oh, and the curtain rod was hung entirely too low.  (I hated seeing that shower head!)  So, one day I tried to just move the curtain rod up, but it was stuck to the drywall and ended up ripping a little piece off.  I quickly put it back in place and thought to myself, "Self, instead of patching the hole and painting it back yellow, why don't you just wait until you have a few hours and repaint this drab, boring box of a bathroom?"  So that's what I spent my Saturday morning doing.

Here she was in all her yellow glory:

Seeing as how this room has no windows, I really wanted it to feel bright and clean, so I went with white.  Oh, and I already had a half gallon leftover from the laundry closet, so this project was fuh-REE!

In addition to the nice and shiny new coat of paint, I moved the rod up (hallelujah!), switched out the curtain rings for a chrome set, and finally hung a towel rod that we got at IKEA back in January.  The rings were $8 and the towel rod was $7, making this whole project $15.  Wowza.  The shower curtain is a tad short now, so I may sew some contrasting fabric onto the bottom of it.  We'll see.

Here's another drab before:

And now!

I think keeping the color palette to black and white, with pops of yellow in the towels, makes the space feel so much, just, cleaner.  Not to mention brighter.  Wait, have I mentioned how bright and clean this space is now?!



I thought about switching out the curtain rod for a nicer one, but the white rod blends in so nicely now that I hardly even notice it.

The towel bar is actually a curtain rod, but it was so cheap that I just went for it.  I'm telling myself that it adds an industrial vibe.

We're still on the lookout for a new toilet that doesn't eat our bums.  We're hoping our pal Craig and his list will come through for us but for some reason, the guy who built our house opted to install an extra long toilet in here (hence the butt-eating) so it may be hard to find one that will fit the existing plumbing.

So, what do you think?  Brighter and cleaner, right?


  1. White is always better! Love the space, it looks so much bigger. If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party:

  2. So much lighter!

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