Happy Birthday Steven! Plus Gift Wrapping Ideas

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My hubby turns 32 today!  He was 22 when we met.  I can't believe we've known each other almost 10 years now.  When did we get so old?

Anywho, we're keeping it pretty low key with just a dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant, but of course, no matter how old you are, you deserve presents!  He was out of town on business earlier this week, so I took that opportunity to get my wrappin' on.

All the gift wrap courtesy of Target, of course.  The striped one in the middle was actually on super clearance a couple weeks ago, so it was less than $2 for a full-sized roll.  I love when you find unexpectedly good deals like that.

Actually, I was in Target yesterday morning with the little girl I nanny on a mission to get 2 gift boxes and look to see if they had any washi tape (they didn't... boo).  We picked up the boxes, and then I saw some gray gingham wrapping paper that I liked so I put it in the cart.  Then we were passing by an endcap and saw a kitchen rug that I thought would match our new paint color perfectly, and it was on clearance so it got thrown in the cart too, along with 4 small gift bags that were 2 for $1.  Then we looped back around to the dollar section and saw two small rolls of wrapping paper that I liked and hey, they're only $1!  So in they went.  When we were checking out, I was telling SK that it's completely impossible to go into Target and leave with only what you came for.  It's a money pit, I tell ya!  Who knew 2 gift boxes would cost me $20?  But I do love my new kitchen rug... #tangentover

I wrapped this one with baker's twine and added a little tag.

Some scrapbook paper and ribbon adorn this one.

This one sports a cute blue bow and a "forever" sticker from my sticker drawer.  What, you don't have a sticker drawer?  

I wish I had looked on Pinterest for ideas first because man oh man, there are some genius people in this world.  Here are a few more neat gift wrapping ideas.

Have a great day lovers!  I'll be back tomorrow with Fingernail Friday!

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  1. Girrrrrrrllll.. one question... did your hubsband appreciate the wrapping?? I feel like if I did it.. my hubsband would be like, "ooooh.... how do I open it??"