Snapshots: It's finally spring!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has FINALLY arrived here in the southeast.  Temps have been in the 80s(!) the last couple of days and the flowers have started to show their pretty faces.  I picked up a small bouquet of tulips at the grocery store last weekend and I quickly fell in love with them.  When given the choice, I usually choose daisies or poms, but these tulips just spoke to me and I now I think I'm a tulip convert.  They only lasted about 4 days, but they made me smile every time I looked at them on our dining room table.

Oh, and all these photos were shot in MANUAL!  Can you believe it?  I decided to finally pull off that band-aid and play around with my camera.  The only thing I did to these photos were crop them and round the edges... other than that, they're straight out of the camera (SOOTC).

Steven and I were taking Sadie for a walk through the park that borders our house on Sunday and I saw this beautiful dogwood tree in full bloom.  I had to bring my camera back the next day just to take a picture of it.  Dogwood is our state flower, after all.  Hey, look at that, I remembered something from 4th grade!

With the warm weather comes lots of swinging.  The higher, the better.

Have a good Thursday guys!  Woo hoo, it's almost the weekend!  ;)

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