The Difference a Little Concealer Can Make

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

As I'm writing this on Tuesday night, I'm watching news coverage of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  I'm horrified.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was witness to this tragic event in our nation's history.  I keep reminding myself that even though there are people who think the ramifications of their actions are a justifiable means to an end, there are exponentially more people who are there helping.  Helping us heal, helping us cope, and helping find the persons responsible.  As Fred Rogers' mother once famously said, "Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping."

Now, switching gears entirely, on to the post for today!

I have to say that I am little nervous to be posting such close up shots of my eyes for the whole Internet to see.  I have some fine lines that weren't there a couple years ago, but that's kind of what this post is about:  concealer.

I color corrected and brightened all of the following photos, but I did absolutely no retouching of my under eye area.  (I did take out some stray eyebrow hairs because I forgot to tweeze before taking these shots.  What was I thinking?)

Do you use concealer?  I used to be a faithful user, but then abandoned it as part of my make-up routine because I am inevitably always running late in the morning.  I still had a tube in my make-up bag that I would use for pimples and other discolorations, but I knew it wasn't the best stuff out there.  I finally decided to pick up a new brand and was WOWed at the before and after.  I had forgotten that a good concealer can make all the difference in a beauty routine.

Yes, I am posting a photo of myself sans make-up for the whole world to see.  You're welcome.

My under eye area isn't terrible.  A few fine lines, yes, but no major bags.  I mostly just have a reddish discoloration and visible veins.

Usually, I put concealer on before foundation so I can really blend it in, then touch it up after if necessary, but for the purpose of this post, I put my make-up on first.  So here I am, wearing eye shadow,  mascara and foundation, but no blush or lip color yet.

I bought a tube of L'oreal True Match concealer in Fair/Light Warm.  When this tube runs out, I think I'll get a shade darker.  This one is a tad too light but if I blend it in with my foundation enough, it's just fine.

Dab it under the eyes, then use your ring finger to smooth it on.

And... concealed!

I can't believe how much smoother my face looks with just under eye concealer.

On my eyes:
Lid - Stila Demure
Crease - Stila Silk
Browbone - Stila Pure
Mascara - Cover Girl Great Lash BIG

Foundation - Revlon ColorStay Combination/Oily (this stuff seriously keeps the shine at bay all day - love it!)
Lips - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie (my fave!)

Here's the before, during and after once again so you can see just how big of a difference a little concealer makes.  Wow!

Are there any other brands out there I should try?  I'm a concealer newbie so I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I love my Merle Norman "COVERUP" it is a little pricey but I have had my tube for over a year now and I use it every single day!

  2. Love seeing the stila palette being used! I love benefit's erase paste myself. I got it for free because it was too light for my older sister.

  3. I think I should start using concealer now.

  4. I adore concealer! I love how it instantly makes me look awake! I will have to try the True Match concealer soon :)
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  5. Awesome comparison! Sometimes I wonder if my concealer (just a CoverGirl one) is really worth the time and effort, but I can usually also tell a difference if I don't wear it. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. We hope you'll come join the party again tomorrow!