Craft Room Gallery Wall Update

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello and happy Wednesday to you!  Steven and I had a great time at Disney World, but it's not exactly the most relaxing vacation in the world, so I'm still recouping!  I'm thinking an early bedtime tonight...

So, I am finally getting around to showing you the few updates I made on my craft room gallery wall!  It was always my plan to make this wall-o-fun extend from one end of the room to the other but it took a while to collect that many frames and things to hang!  When we repainted our great room a few weeks ago, I took down my empty frame gallery wall because I was beyond tired of it, so all of those frames found new homes up here.  I still haven't filled them with anything, and they're still all black (I'm thinking lots of fun colors of these babies!), but you get the idea.  Here they are around my newest Expedit.

I replaced the melted crayon art with some records picked up at a resale shop for a quarter a piece.  The endless circles painting got moved to above the TV while a black segmented frame took its original spot (far right of the above photo).  The owl plate came from my plate wall, which also met its end when we took it down to paint.  I found the block A at Michaels and painted it like the Appalachian A.  

Previously, the gallery wall ended right here:

Yay, progress!

It's really hard to get the gist of what it looks like from photos, so I shot a little video of it.  I hope I'm not too awkward.

Keep in mind that my craft room is actually our bonus room over the garage, so I'm entering from the door at the top of the stairs.  I'm so incredibly lucky to have such a great space to store all my crafty things!

This end of the gallery wall didn't get extended that much, but some things got switched around since the last time I showed it to you:

And here's the best I could do to get this whole thing in one photo!

Any ideas what I could put in all those empty frames?  That's the hardest part...

Here are links to all of the projects you see:

I'm sure there are tons of links I missed above so just use the handy search tool over there --> and search "gallery wall."

I'll be back tomorrow with another Snapshots post for you.  This time it's the Disney edition!

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  1. Girrrrrrlll.. you did a good job!! it is hard to get the whole wall in the pic.. if I knew how the panoramic setting on my camera worked I'd be a better blogger...