Deck Mini-Makeover

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hi guys and happy hump day!

I'd been meaning to get out on our deck and give it a good cleaning for a while, but when I found some new seat cushions for the chairs, I decided it was finally time to just get 'er done!

This is what it has looked like for quite some time now.

The seat cushions had seen better days and were just generally boring.  That poor succulent was beyond neglected.  The grill cover used to be black.  Not to mention the layer of pollen all over everything!

While I was out there giving the chairs and deck a good cleaning with the water hose, I noticed the soffit.  

I pulled out the ladder, grabbed a Magic Eraser and went to town!  Magic Erasers are truly magic.

An hour and a sore neck later, and wow, what a difference!

After the chairs had dried, I outfitted them in their new cushions (these from Lowes).  I also picked up a cute plant from Lowes and the flowerpot from Walmart.  Boom.  Makeover done.

I took the cover off of the grill for the summer.  Maybe we'll actually use it since it's more accessible now!

So much brighter and more cheerful, don't you think?

My view through the french doors has improved considerably now.  Oh happy day!

The colors of these cushions are FAB.  I also got two more for the rocking chairs on our downstairs patio (right beneath the deck).

I just love this plant.  Now to keep it alive...

Just getting the pollen cleaned off would have been improvement enough, but these $12 cushions and $4 plant really do make a huge difference.  I'm excited to start spending weekend mornings with my coffee and a magazine out here.  Once it warms up.  Does Mother Nature know it's May in North Carolina?  This is getting ridiculous!

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