Monogram Wreaths

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do you subscribe to the Groopdealz e-mails?  They send out about 2 a day and every other day or so, I find something that I just can't live without.  It's a sickness really.  Well, such was the case last month when they had custom wood monograms for sale for $22 each.  Can you even imagine the level of excitement that elicited from me, a person who has pined for a wood monogram for oh, years?!  If you've ever looked for them on Etsy, you'll know that they can be kind of pricey, so $22 is a great deal!  I snatched up 2 for me, and grabbed 3 others for Christmas gifts.  Yes, I bought Christmas gifts in April, so sue me! ;)

Wanna see what I did with mine?  Do ya, do ya?!

I picked up some chevron painted burlap ribbon at HobLob (they have all colors and I almost peed myself when I saw them... so cute!), and made a little loop to hang each monogram from.  Oh, and the monograms come unfinished so I had to douse them in a little white spray paint first.

Then I made a bow by taking a long piece of ribbon, folding it in on itself and hot gluing it (oh, I also picked up a new glue gun while I was at HobLob and it is wonderful!  the mechanism inside my old one wouldn't grab the glue stick anymore so I had to push the glue stick down with one hand and aim the glue gun with the other.  talk about ghetto!).

Then I wrapped another piece around the middle and voila - a chevron burlap bow!

I looped a piece of rope through the long hanger piece and glued the bow on, then I had cute monogram "wreaths."  Can you call anything you hang on a door a wreath?  I think so.

I've mentioned before how much I love my french front doors, but it does get expensive to outfit them in wreaths.  Luckily, these monograms were super affordable.  I have to say, I think these "wreaths" are my favorite yet.

Looking at these photos, I think it's about time for a new rug for my front stoop.  I've only had this plain black one for 5 years now.  It's not worn out or anything.  #sarcasm  Do any of you have a good source for extra wide rugs?  Another problem with having french front doors... #firstworldproblems  Okay, two hashtags in the same paragraph is quite enough.  See you lovelies tomorrow!


  1. So classy and adorable, Jenna! And love that nail polish. If you ever want to do a guest post over on my blog, I'd really love to have you!

  2. LOVE! I wish I'd have seen that deal. I'm dying to get my hands on these but the price!
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