Snapshots: Disney Edition

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I decided to bring my nice camera to Disney World this time, and although I was a nervous wreck the whole time worrying about it getting broken on Space Mountain, I'm glad I brought it because I got some cool shots.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and splurged for a savanna view room, and it did not disappoint!  We only saw one giraffe the whole time we were there but these horned creatures loved this little spot in front of our room.

The whole reason I decided to bring my camera was because we were going on a behind-the-scenes tour of Magic Kingdom (the Keys to the Kingdom tour).  Sadly, no photography is allowed in the utilidor or backstage, but the slower pace of the day (no rushing from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain and back again!) made for good photo-taking opportunities.

I had a sit-down with Roy and Minnie.  (Our tour meet-up place was right next to this statue and do you know how many times groups came by and said "Let's get our picture with Walt Disney and Minnie!" and I wanted to say "Do you know nothing? That's Roy!")

Our tour group stopped at a corner on Main Street to wait for our guide to run back to City Hall and get another headset for one of the people on the tour.  This PhotoPass photographer was right in front of us and he was so nice.  It was Mother's Day so he wished all the moms a happy day and called all the kids princes and princesses.  I can't imagine keeping up such a happy demeanor all day long.

Our tour guide, Rachel, was very knowledgeable and funny.  She was from Massachusetts so she said "drar" and "draring" instead of draw and drawing.  Those were the only words her Mass accent came out in, though.

Walt's window above the ice cream shop on Main Street.

This Minnie statue is one of the ones that surround the Partners statue in front of the castle.  Oh how I love that image of Walt and Mickey.

Because of our tour, we were able to get into the Magic Kingdom before it actually opened and it was deserted!  I mean, look at this picture of Steven - no one in the background!  Crazy!

Of course, each time we visit Disney, we have to get a photo with our main man, Mickey.

I was super impressed with how well my camera captured fireworks.  I was snapping away during all of Wishes.

We caught an excellent view of Tinkerbell during the Electrical Parade from our perch on the second floor of the train station.

We had such a great time, even though it was a super short trip.  It makes me sad when we go and can't see all four parks.  I missed Expedition Everest and Soarin' this time.  But we did have enough time to get some super awesome pins and complete a few sets.  You should have seen me jumping up and down at the pin trading board at Downtown Disney when I saw they had a Pirate Goofy pin - the exact one I needed to complete my pirate set!  I went a little nuts for a second there... :)

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