Outdoor Sprucing: It's About Time

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hey hey!

I can't believe I just now planted flowers this year.  Usually, I have the planting done by April but we had an unseasonably cool spring.  We finally got 'er done last weekend and I am so happy that our house is now a little more cheerful.

Shade-loving impatiens took up residence in my black urns (that used to be scary Halloween-colored but were no match for my spray paint trigger finger!).

We planted petunias and vincas in the flowerbed this year.  I usually just do two different colors of petunias, but I guess since we didn't get around to picking out flowers until so late this year, our Lowe's only had pink ones.  I don't know how the vincas will do in this spot, but the petunias always thrive here and are absolutely HUGE by the time I pull them up in the fall.

We also picked up our normal "pine bark mini nuggets" mulch, but they must have changed their formula because the "mini" nuggets are actually huge chunks of wood!  I've learned my lesson and will be double checking the mulch next year.  I feel like the big chunks of wood overwhelm my little flowers so I can't wait until they fill out a little bit.

Here's a beautiful shot with dead azalea blooms on the bushes.  Hey, I'm not complaining because all 6 of our azalea bushes actually bloomed this year!  We planted them probably 4ish years ago and this is the first year that they've all bloomed.  I'm just happy they're not completely dead because I've totally neglected them.

3 of the bushes we bought didn't have blooms on them at the time, but were marked as white.  So we planted them white-red-white-red-white-red.  Turns out 2 of them are actually pink, so now we have a wide range of colors.  The one in the middle on the right is the sole white one.

I love that shot of my house because the sky was absolutely beautiful that day!

While we're on the topic of outdoor sprucing, I added a little fun to our garage door, i.e. the door that leads inside from the garage.  The garage counts as outside, right?

I know you're totally jealous of my Swiffer WetJet.

I bought the decal from Groopdealz a while back and now everytime someone new comes into our house from the garage, they say "Hello!"  And when we say hey back, they say they were just reading the door.  Seriously, that's happened.  Twice.

Now to just get our garage looking like this again.  Oh the clutter that arrives during the winter...

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