Paper Bag Flowers: Take 3

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday again?  Sheesh.

Ever since I whipped up some paper bag flowers for my Christmas mantel, I have just not been able to let them go.  I love them.  However, I thought it was time that they leave the mantel (where they've been since December) and find a new home.  Mostly because I was redoing my mantel for summer and figured it was time for something different (come back tomorrow to see it!).

Anyway, we have this little diagonal wall that houses the thermostat and a huge clock from Target and I thought to myself, "Self, why that would be the perfect place for some paper bag flowers!"  I whipped up two more (they're a slightly darker color which I'm trying not to let annoy me), and taped them to the wall with some regular ol' gift wrap tape.


Here they were on my Christmas mantel:

...and on my spring mantel:

I Heart Naptime gives a fab tutorial on how to make these easy flowers out of regular paper lunch sacks.  Supplies: paper bags, scissors, hot glue.  You can do 3 in less than 15 minutes, seriously.

See you lovelies tomorrow!

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