Wednesday Brain Dump / Update

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This post has no photos.  And it's random.  I hope you'll forgive me.

Yesterday, I was backing out of my garage, as I've done 10,000 times before, when I started turning too early and totally hit the side of my house.  My Jeep had 5 white scrapes from coming into contact with the garage door flashing, and the flashing suffered two dents.  Why did I hit the garage this time when I never have before?  I contribute it to overconfidence.  And not paying attention.  Luckily, the white stripes buffed out of my car with this miracle cream we got from a local body shop a while back.  The dents will be forever in the garage door flashing, I'm afraid.  They're really not that bad, but will serve as a reminder for however long we live in this house, that I should never take for granted that I can successfully back out of a garage.

Sadie is a doggy day camp today.  She went last week as well, but to a different one.  We realized that even though the one we took her to today is a tad further away, it's $5 cheaper for a day of day camp and the lodging is $2 a day cheaper and much nicer.  They have an indoor pool.  Where the dogs can swim!  You can even pay extra for a pool-front room so your dog will have a nice view.  And $5 a day for web cam access so you can watch your pooch while you're away.  Totally hilarious, but we feel pretty confident that when we go to Las Vegas (for a real-life Vegas wedding!) in a couple weeks, she'll be in good hands.  Last week, she was so exhausted that she yawned about 10 times on the 5 minute drive home and proceeded to sleep on Steven's lap for the rest of the evening.  If you know her at all, you'll know that this dog goes about 90 miles a minute about 90% of the time.  It's nice to be able to get her nice and worn out every once in a while.

Our basement is a complete disaster area.  I took some photos over the weekend, but haven't loaded them to the computer yet.  I'll do it soon and show you all exactly the mess we're living with.  Oh, but the stairs are making good progress!  We decided to hire someone to even out the incredibly uneven concrete before we tile, which I think is the best move we could've made.  There are literally hills and valleys in the floor, which we could feel through the carpet so we knew it was bad.  Oh and yes, we're tiling ourselves, and no we've never tiled before.  I hear it's pretty easy though?  I'm most looking forward to grouting.  I have a fancy new grout float that I just can't wait to try out!  Do you know how much it costs to get someone to tile a 510 square foot area?  I'll tell you... $2,500 - $4,000.  Egads!  I think we'll risk totally screwing it up to save thousands of dollars, thankyouverymuch.

I'm wearing my diy empire waist skirt today and I'm just waiting for someone to ask me where I got it so I can say I MADE IT and they can be thusly impressed.  So far, I'm still holding my breath.


  1. Doggie Daycare is great! I am transferring Bacon to one closer to us for daycare whenever he goes (very occassionally) but will be staying at the one far, far away for boarding since they are all inclusive. He loves it and they love him.

  2. Doggie Day camp is hilarious... but your dog is so cute she deserves the best.. and again... I think she tried to warn you about that cat!! oh.. btw... where did you get that skirt????

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