Nursery Inspiration: Boy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We find out the gender of Baby P very soon and I can't wait!  Not only because I just want to know, but because then I can really start planning the nursery!  I have been pinning ideas to my Nursery board on Pinterest for MONTHS now (it was a private board until the news went public) so I thought I would share some of the fabulous boy nursery inspiration I've found.  For some reason, I'm diggin' boy nurseries more than girl ones... do you think that's a sign? :)

Oh, and I'm sorry this has turned into a baby blog recently, but I haven't had the time/energy to think about anything else!  Hopefully our basement will be finished in the next few weeks and then I'll have an awesome makeover to share!  Until then, bare with me.

I love the gray and wood in this nursery.  It's light and bright and lovely.

I don't think I've ever seen more beautiful wall art.  Oh my gosh, I just love it!

I think I would do a different light fixture for a boy, but I love the colors of the wall stencil.

I'm not sure we have it in us to paint the ceiling, but I LOVE THIS LOOK.  

Mmm, a stone wall!  I don't think the light wood furniture they chose really goes with it, but that wall is fab!

I'm really loving neutral colored rooms, but I'm not sure I can make myself stay that far away from color.  It's our one chance to get wacky with color choices!

Love that wall.

Dr. Seuss is my fave and there are so many different directions you could go with it.  So fun!

If you have a nursery makeover to share, leave it in the comments!  I'd love to check it out.  I'll be back to share girl nurseries next Wednesday!

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