20 Weeks and the Big Gender Reveal!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello lovelies!  Before I go any further, I just want to say...


We had our gender reveal tailgate this past Saturday and it was so fun to keep people on the edge of their seats the entire time until we could finally share the good news!

My friend Crystal made the Black or Gold (boy or girl) cake for us - isn't it GREAT?  She did such a good job.

We had our parents cut the cake...

...and it was just a decoy.  Only white cake and icing inside!  My father-in-law turned to us when he saw that it was just white and said "Well, what is it?!"  He was the most impatient out of anyone to know what we were having.  It was cute.

The true reveal was a series of photos, mounted to foam core, that we showed to the group one at a time.

I made photo strips for everyone to take home with them as little souvenirs from the day. :)

We were so happy to FINALLY get to tell everyone - we'd known about our little princess for two whole weeks already!

Now onto planning her nursery... I have a color scheme in mind, but I can't think of an underlying theme I want to use.  I know I want it to be fun and cute, but not babyish.  Any ideas?


  1. Congratulations!! We so love our girls, they are a refreshing experience after 5 boys. So excited for your future!!