Snapshots: Bokeh Edition

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas yesterday!

We were spoiled, as always.  We kept having to remind ourselves that this is the last year we will be "the kids" since next year, Baby P will be getting into all sorts of mischief.  We joked that she would be playing in the huge pile of wrapping paper while we open her gifts for her.  It will be a completely different kind of Christmas, I'm sure, but one I cannot wait for!

We kept our spending limit for each other very low this year since, HELLO, we will have a baby to care for in 7(!) short weeks.

Steven got me a 50mm lens for my camera so I can take all those beauty shots of the babe.  After I figured out how to work the thing, I set the f-stop to the lowest it would go (1.8), and starting snapping away.  For most of these shots, 1.8 was probably a little TOO low, but I was craving some bokeh so I just went for it!

Ack, look at those Christmas light orbs in the background!

I'm really surprised I got any non-blurry shots of Sadie.  I'll refrain from posting the one where her butt is sticking out from under the tree and is the only thing that's in focus.  No one needs to see that.

Awww, she's so sweet.

This one just cracks me up.

Catching this one was complete luck and I didn't even notice I'd gotten it until I was looking through the photos.

I'm back at work today, wishing I was home playing with my new Silhouette Cameo (so excited! thanks mom!).  I hope you all have a wonderful day!  I have a fun little project to post tomorrow. :)

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