Bazinga! (Or, the Media Room)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So, I'm 99.9% sure that I've never shared this room with you guys before.  I'm not exactly sure why, other than the fact that it's one of the most un-decorated rooms in our house and I've just never felt that it was blog-worthy.  But today, that all changes!  We've recently made a couple of long-overdue improvements in here so I thought I would share.

Welcome to the Media Room!

This room is one of the two bedrooms in the basement, although it can't technically be considered a basement since it has no windows, which is also what makes it perfect for a media room.

When we bought this house, this room was #1 on Steven's to-do list.  Before we even closed on it, he had the projector, surround sound and furniture all picked out.  I think we had this room finished before we even had furniture in the rest of the rooms.  Ah, men and their toys. :)

I chose the paint color, mostly because when I thought "Media Room," red immediately came to mind. Plus I'd always wanted to paint a room red.  Now I'm completely, 100% over the red but I'm not at all looking forward to painting over it.  I'll share a list of what I'd like to do in this room at the bottom of the post.  Whether any of it actually gets done or not is yet to be determined because this room ranks way way down on the priority list.

Anywho, onto the improvements!  For the past 6 years, all of the electronics sat on the floor behind the sofas.

Left to right:  Receiver for the sound system, Xbox, DVD player, PS3, subwoofer.

It has always been our intention to do something about this eyesore but we wanted to go big.  We were thinking a wall of built-in cabinetry that would make the back wall flush (see how the wall juts back and the electronics sit in a little niche?).  Maybe with some glass-front cabinets, lit from above and stocked with candy.  Oh, and a popcorn maker!  These are the things that prevented us from doing anything:

1)  We didn't know exactly how we would accomplish all of this.
2)  There was always another project higher up on the priority list.
3)  It just didn't seem that important.

Well, I finally decided that instead of doing nothing, we should at least do something for now.  Later if we get the motivation to have a cool candy bar, we can do it, but we just had to get these expensive electronics up off of the basement floor.

So, while we were at IKEA back in December (buying things for the nursery), we picked up this BESTA cabinet.  Steven put it together and loaded the electronics in and voila - a much neater looking space behind the sofas!

Seriously, why do easy, inexpensive (I can't remember how much BESTA was, but you know IKEA and their crazy good Swedish prices!) fixes like this take us so dang long?

Now let's move on to the closet.  The previous owner of our house never put closet systems in either of the closets in the basement, so this room has always been a blank slate.  This is the largest closet in our entire house (yes, I'm fairly certain it's bigger than our master), and we've never utilized it to its full potential.

Exhibit A:  The sad state of our DVD/Blu-ray collection:

Steven spent an hour or two one day during his Christmas break installing a few shelves in here and boy it is nice to see all of our movies nice and organized!

Eventually, we'd like to put some more, deeper shelves below these to store our board games.  These shelves are actually on the right wall of the closet (or the "Media Archive Room" as Steven calls it), so you can't see them when you first look in there from the doorway.

This closet is so large that when we had to move our office things out of the future nursery, this is where they ended up.  We just don't have another good spot for them.  So now we officially have a Cloffice!  I've always wanted one of those...

Yes, we still have some organizing to do.  (The desk is up against the left wall of the closet in case you're getting confused.)

You want a closer look at our manly black leather sofas?  Your wish is my command...

Each seat reclines, which is nice, but if I've complained about these ugly masculine sofas once, I've complained about them a thousand times.  They're cold, show scratches/imperfections very easily, and just don't fit in the room the way I'd like.

It is cool that they have built-in cup holders though. 

Now let's take a little look-see from the sofa back toward the door.

I will admit, the view is nice.

Who else loves Sheldon Cooper?

As promised, here's my wish list:

1.  Repaint the room a soothing blue color.  Not too neutral, but not too bright.
2.  Frame posters from our favorite movies and hang them along the wall, movie theater style.
3.  Replace ugly sofas with a huge sectional.
4.  Get a nice upholstered ottoman to take up some of the floor space in the middle of the room.
5.  Maybe get some poufs that can be thrown around for extra seating?
6.  Do something to make the speakers blend in a little more (the ones on the back wall can't be recessed because behind the sheetrock is a lovely wall of cinder blocks!).
7.  Install a candy/popcorn bar!

Well, making that list just now has got my head spinning with the possibilities.  Quick, somebody hide the paint brushes!

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