DIY Crib Skirt (the easy way)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi all!  I promised you guys a tutorial on our easy crib skirt and I'm here to deliver!

I'm not the best at giving sewing tutorials, since I've only been sewing for a couple of years and still consider myself extremely novice in that department; however, I'll try!

Before I get started, I want you guys to know that this is a crib skirt the easy way.  In other words, I fudged it.  Okay, I guess you could say I cheated.  Did I mention that I'm a novice sewer?

Let's talk traditional bed skirts/dust ruffles for a second.  There's usually a piece of fabric that you slide in between the mattress and box spring, and the skirt hangs down on all four sides, thus covering up the unsightly box spring and staying firmly in place with the sandwiched fabric.  There is no sandwich fabric on my crib skirt.  Each side (there are only three - seriously, why I would waste time sewing one for the back when the crib is against the wall?) is sewed separately according to the measurements of Baby P's crib.

Main body fabric:  2 yards
Contrasting fabric:  1/4 yard each
Matching thread

Any number of things could be done for the decorative trim.  You could add ruffles (cute!), just a plain contrasting trim, or you could even hot glue on some grosgrain ribbon.  The possibilities are endless!  For Baby P's, I decided to do a patchwork border.

First, measure the width of each side of the crib.  Mine was roughly 51.5" on the front and 27" on the sides.  Cut eight 5" squares of each contrasting fabric.  Sew end to end in the pattern of your choice and iron seams flat.  I used 6 squares for each side and 12 for the front.

Now it's important to measure from the bottom of the mattress to the floor to see how tall you need to make the crib skirt.  Add 5 or so inches to this measurement and cut your main fabric in the necessary dimensions (in my case, I cut it roughly 60" x 22" for the front and 30" x 22" for the sides).

Lay the patchwork fabric on top of the main fabric right-sides together, sew, and iron seam flat.

Hem all four edges, and that's it.  Basically, you're making 3 large rectangles.  Measure 5 times, cut and sew once!  If your measurements are as accurate as possible, you'll have a lovely crib skirt.

As for how I attached it, right now each panel is just wedged between the mattress and springs.  We have to get a piece of wood to go between the two for our baby monitor (it has a motion sensor that has to sit on a hard surface beneath the mattress), so as soon as we get that, we'll duct tape the panels to the wood.  It's just important to make sure that each panel is tall enough to reach the floor yet have enough overlap to be attached however you choose.

When we have to lower the mattress in the future, we'll just take up the excess from the top and reattach it to the board.

We're planning on storing outgrown clothes or extra diapers under the crib now that it's nice and concealed.

Pretty easy, I dare say.  Perfect project for a beginner sewer!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

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