I'm a Monkey's Uncle Tee

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back in the fall, my brother texted me and said he wanted to buy the baby a shirt that said "My Uncle's Monkey."  I said "Huh? Did you see a shirt like that somewhere?" He said "No, I've just always wanted to be a monkey's uncle."  That cracked me up, and I immediately knew what I would get him for Christmas.

I could have just ironed some letters onto a t-shirt and called it a day, but I thought I'd use the opportunity to try my hand at tie dying.

I haven't tie dyed in, like, EVER, and boy has it come a long way!  Now they sell these convenient little spray bottles.  Just tie up the shirts with some rubber bands and spray to your heart's content.

I don't think the spray bottles do quite as good a job as the traditional squirt bottle as far as getting the dye all the way through the shirt, but clean up was a breeze!  After the shirts were about halfway dry, I untied the rubber bands and let them air dry a little more before throwing them in the dryer to set the dye (according to the instructions on the bottle).

See?  Still a mostly white shirt, but I kinda liked it so I just went with it.  Next, I ironed on some letters (using a Sharpie for the apostrophes).

And that's it.  Cute, right?  Not to mention super easy.

I packed Baby P's in my hospital bag, and my brother will wear his to the hospital for the cutest photo op EVER! 

Have you tie dyed anything lately?

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