1 Month

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sydney was a month old on Friday.

I can hardly believe it!  I've tasked myself with taking a monthly photo of her on a cute fabric background (a la Young House Love) to mark her growth.  I was originally going to take a weekly photo, but I quickly realized that there was just no way I could keep up with that, and if I failed, I would feel like a terrible mom.  So monthly it is!  This fabric came from a cute fabric store in Hawaii when we were there in 2012.  I haven't used it for anything yet, so I figured it was the perfect first monthly fabric for Syd.

I'm taking her to get some newborn photos made tomorrow!  I didn't set anything up before she was born because I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of cash (yeah, newborn photos can be mighty expensive!), but once she got here and I saw her cute newborn face, I knew that we would regret it if we didn't.  So I'm hoping she has a good day tomorrow.  She's on this weird cycle where she's super fussy one day, sleeps all day the next, repeat.  Today has been a sleepy day so I'm just hoping she breaks her cycle for tomorrow!

Being a mom is hard.  Just getting ready to leave the house is quite the endeavor!  Most days, we find ourselves sitting in our spot on the sofa (I'm surprised there's not a permanent indent in the cushion in the shape of my bum) nursing, surfing the web, reading, and watching The Price is Right.  Sydney is an excellent nurser, but she wants to eat all.the.time, which doesn't leave much time for anything else.  On those days she does take a nice long nap, I either choose a shower or cleaning up some new mess around the house.  Today I chose to clean up the basement and vacuum our bedroom and I'm feeling SUPER accomplished.  Boy how life has changed.

Yesterday, we were on our way to my postpartum follow-up appointment, when we got rear-ended.  I pulled off on the next side street and got out to survey the damage.  Luckily, my SUV is a beast so the girl's car suffered way more damage than mine did.  However, it will probably still mean a new fender for me.  It started sleeting while we were waiting on the police officer to arrive, so I got back in the car with Syd to wait.  I found myself thinking while we were waiting that I really wasn't upset at all.  I feel so lucky to have this little girl in my life that experiencing any emotion other than joy (and maybe fatigue - ha!) is hard for me.  I'm just happy.  I was probably a tiny bit annoyed that I spent the whole morning getting us ready to leave the house for nothing because my appointment had to be rescheduled for Friday.  But I'll take annoyance over anger any day.  :)

Have a great day!

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