Easter Egg Bunting and a Spring Mantel

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So, I decorated for Easter.

I've never done that before.  I don't know why, but I've just never been a fan of the whole Easter Bunny, chicks, eggs, pastel colors, etc. thing.  But something has gotten into me this year.  I even have a garden flag that says "Hoppy Easter."  I'm as shocked as you are.

I even carved out 20 minutes of Sydney's very infrequent naps and made a cute and simple Easter egg bunting.

I'm sure I saw something similar on Pinterest that sparked this idea but I just love it (plus I had all the supplies on hand).

Old book that you don't mind ripping pages out of (this one is on Shakespeare, apparently)
6 different colors of scrapbook paper
Jute twine (or ribbon)

First, cut out an egg shape from one of your pieces of paper.  It's easiest to fold the short edge over a little ways, draw half an egg and then cut it on the fold, that way both sides are symmetrical.

Use the shape you just cut to trace 2 eggs on each of your pieces of paper, and cut them all out.

Of the two eggs of each color, fold one in half, like so:

Run a bead of hot glue down your fold and press the folded egg onto the flat egg, thus creating this 3D egg shape.

Repeat until you have 6 eggs of all different colors!

Now it's time to make the book page bunting.  Using a ruler, find the center of a page and mark it about 4 or so inches from the bottom (or whatever you think looks good depending on the size of your book).  Make a line from each bottom corner up to the center mark you just made.

With an Xacto knife and your ruler, cut through 6 book pages.  It will likely take a few passes of the knife to get through all the pages.  Then cut the pages out of the book.

Fold the top of each page over an inch (or so).

Place the twine in the fold you just made and hot glue (or glue stick) the page to itself to sandwich the twine.

Space each page apart on the twine about an inch, and then using a glue stick (or hot glue), glue one of the scrapbook paper eggs to the center of each page.

That's it!  Seriously, it couldn't be any easier!

On the top of the mantel, left to right:
mercury glass mason jar: Pottery Barn (new-ish, ~November)
green candle holder: TJ Maxx (old)
white candle holder: IKEA (old, but I think they still have them - come in a set of 3)
moss rocks: Michael's (new)
white vase: Goodwill 
branch with green flowers: Michael's (new)
silver lantern: IKEA (old, but they still have them)

I usually have a wooden box filled with faux hydrangeas below the TV (see the bottom of the photo 2 photos up), but it's getting a little old.  If you have a TV above your fireplace, what do you put below it?  I'm having a hard time finding an alternative that isn't too big or too small.  Although I do like the simplicity of these moss rocks.

If you have an eagle eye, you will have noticed in this ^ photo that we have a new little something to the right of the fireplace...

A new chair!

During Christmas time, when we have our big leather chair here, I really like having a nice spot to sit there.  So, we got a pair of these steely blue chairs at a Broyhill outlet store that was closing and they were a super good deal!  The other one is down in the basement game room for the time being.  I don't think it will stay there, but I'm not sure where I want to put it yet.

It's actually a really close match to the paint color in person, although it looks a little more purple here.

We had Pearl the Gossip Bench in this spot before.  I still need to find a perfect new spot for her, but did anyone ever tell you that having a baby is a full-time job?  Seriously, it took me a full week to find the time to sit down and write this post, much less move any furniture around.  The fact that I was even able to do any crafting at all still blows my mind.  

I'll be back with another update soon (I hope!).

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