So, We Bought Some Land

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This post makes me nervous to write.  I'm kind of a private person when it comes right down to it.  Kinda funny that I have a blog, huh?  Anyway...

We're about to have a major life change, y'all.

If the title didn't give it away for ya, we bought a piece of lakefront property in our dream neighborhood.  

It's always been our dream to live on the lake, and now we're making that dream a reality.  Well, eventually.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  I'll get to that in a minute.

When we bought our house 7 years ago, we got as close as we could to the lake while staying in our budget.  You can see the lake from our front yard, and it's a quick walk down the street, and while we do truly love a lot of things about our house, we can't really change the location.  And for us, the location was just too far from the water.

So, while I was out on maternity leave, we finally made the decision to just go for it and buy a piece of land in the neighborhood that we love.  It's a newly developed community, with only 18 houses on the 99 available lots.  We closed on the land last Wednesday, so it's official - we're taking the plunge!

As you can see, there are tons of trees right now, but compared to some of the lots we looked at, this piece if very sparsely wooded.  Plus we'll take down as many as we can to maximize the view of the water.

This is the current view looking back up the property from the lake.  That's me in the pink jacket!  I'm standing maybe halfway down the lot.  This bottom half slopes much more steeply than the top half, where the eventual house will sit.

Of course, the day we closed, we went straight over and took some celebratory photos.  This is my fave.

Now onto the more exciting stuff... we're building a house!

Obviously we still own our house, but will be putting it on the market soon.  After it sells, we will find somewhere to rent while our house is being built.  So there's really no telling how long this process will take.  It all depends on selling our house!

Since I know you're all just DYING to know what kind of house we're going to build, I'll go ahead and tell you.  One word:  Craftsman.

I've been in love with the Craftsman style for as long as I can remember, so when it came time to look at floor plans, I knew that my dream home could be nothing else.

We modified a stock floor plan (where the rendering above came from) to eliminate a second floor and add a finished basement.  While we would love an upstairs (and actually really loved the layout of the stock one), it's just not in our budget.  We would have to have a basement anyway due to the slope of the land, so it just makes sense to have the basement be our second floor, so to speak.  The house will still look like the photo above (with different materials/finishes), but the second story window above the front door will just be a dummy window / attic space.  We also enlarged the original floor plan to meet minimum square footage requirements (another reason we had to nix the second floor), and added the wing where Sydney's room is.

So here it is:  the floor plan of our dream house!

Let me just tell you what I'm most excited about.

1) A real-life honest-to-goodness mud room!  Right now the stairs that lead up to the bonus room are a catchall for all of our CRAP when we come in from the garage everyday.  I'll at least be glad to have all the crap in a space designed just for it.
2) A LAUNDRY ROOM. We don't have one now. I hate folding laundry. I'll be glad when I have somewhere to put the clean (unfolded) laundry until I can get around to it.
3) Did you see the walk-in closet in the master? Oh man, the organizational possibilities are endless! I'm hoping that we'll have enough storage in there so we won't have to have a single dresser in our bedroom. Ah, the dream.

I think we'll use the dining room as an office/craft room/playroom for a while... it just makes more sense for our lifestyle. Plus there's plenty of room in the breakfast area for a large table. I'm thinking some sliding barn doors will close it off from the foyer (in case it gets messy, and for peace and quiet if needed).

We will most likely be finishing the house in two phases.  Phase 2 will be the Rec Room, Media Room and half bath in the basement.  The plan below is before we did away with the screened porch.  I didn't like it there and we can't decide where we want one, so we're going to hold off on that for now.

So, that's the plan!  I'm so excited to get started and see where this journey takes us.

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