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Friday, July 18, 2014

So, we're selling our house.  I promise to do a post with a whole house tour, not only for you guys, but also so I can remember every inch of this, our first house together.  We have loved this place and I have always been reluctant to leave it, but now that the time has come, I have made my peace with it.  This house is perfect, but not for us.  Having Sydney reinforced that even more.  We want to be in our forever home, the place that she will always remember growing up in, the place our grandkids will have fond memories of, the place that hopefully Sydney will want to live someday, after we're gone.  Or maybe she will have to move in to take care of us in our old age.  Whatever the case may be, this house is not that one.

Anyway, I wanted to give the house a little pick-me-up before our open house the other day, so I shopped the home decor section in the basement (yes, I have one of those, don't you?), and decided to bring in hints of yellow.  Doesn't yellow make people happy?  After all, I want the future owners of our house to be happy here.

Faux forsythia, lemons in a hurricane jar, and my favorite pillow.

I finally feel like our living room is exactly what I want it to be.  Other than some art on the wall to the left of the fireplace, there's nothing I would really change in this room.  I love it just as it is.  Oh, and can I just say our walls are the perfect color?  I'm pretty sure I will be using "Sterling" (by Ben Moore) in our new house.

"Daisies are the friendliest flower." Name that movie.

Oh, and I totally agree.

This little vignette makes me happy.  It's all stuff I've had for ages, but put together this way just feels right.  (Ignore that bottom shelf. I should really get around to styling that one day.)

Ahh, forsythia, green apples and a clock that is an hour behind the times... perfection. :)

It truly is little changes like this that make my heart happy.  And all I had to buy were some daisies and a few lemons.  

(Someone please remind me to throw out the lemons before they make my hurricane all sticky and gross with their leakage.  This wouldn't be the first time I've decorated with lemons and forgotten about them. #mocitrusmoproblems)

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