7 Months

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sydney turned 7 months old on Sunday - unbelievable!  She is growing and changing with each passing day, but I have to say, her 7th month was FULL of milestones.  She:

• Eats solids.  We haven't found any baby food that she doesn't like.  She just gobbles everything right up!  However, I now know that pureed peaches smell like stinky feet… why is that?
• Crawls all over the place.  No more scooting for this mobile girl!  …Unless she's feeling lazy or is in too big of a hurry to get her knees under her.
• Can easily get into a sitting position from lying down.
• Can pull herself to standing!!  That was quite a shock when we figured that one out. :)
• Is laughing more and more.  
• Sleeps in her room by herself!  And for the past few nights, has even slept through the night!!

No teeth yet, though, but we think they're coming soon.  The daycare ladies say she's been really fussy, but we haven't really noticed it at home.  I'm honestly surprised that she doesn't have any yet because we noticed teething signs months ago!

Her nickname of the month has been Bunny, most of the time shortened to Bun Bun.  I don't know where we come up with these things.

We love our big girl!

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