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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

I'm fighting a pretty gnarly cold today, which is super sucky because HELLO TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!  I'm just hoping I make a miraculous recovery and am healthy as a horse for Sydney's first Christmas.  Either way, I'm fighting through it and it's not going to ruin my holiday!

So, nothing like waiting until the last possible minute to show you guys my Christmas tree.  This season, for me and for a lot of bloggers it seems, has been the season of less.  I didn't even put out a lot of things.  I went minimal.  And I'm okay with that.

Is my mantelscape perfect?  Far from it, but I love my new pinecone trees pretty hard and thought they deserved a place of honor.

Our new stockings (from Pottery Barn) are my most favorite thing in the Christmas world and I can see me pulling them out year after year and loving them just as much as I do today.  They're classic and big, just the way I like 'em.

The tree is silver and gold, just like it was last year, and I still love it.  I tried to put some red velvet ribbon on it instead of the transparent silver stuff, but it was all wrong.  Some people can put red velvet ribbons on their tree and they look fab.  Me? notsomuch.

I'm thinking next year I'd like to have a tree just decorated with bows.  I'll buy a few different spools of ribbon and just tie bows all over the place (like Jenna Sue - great name btw).  I'll probably have to buy another tree if I want to do that because I'm pushing Steven's limits with my decorative trees already.  Perhaps we'll be in our new house next Christmas (one can hope), and I'll put my bow tree in the front dining room window for the neighborhood to see.  I can see it now.

Anyway, enough daydreaming.  I'll leave you with some extreme Christmas tree bokeh...

...and a cute baby.

I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2015!

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