diy snowman wreaths

Friday, December 19, 2014

I have a cute {easy} {cheap} {fun} Christmas craft for you today!

On Black Friday, my mom and I were out shopping (obviously) and happened to pop into A.C. Moore where they had boxes and boxes of faux wreaths in all different sizes for like, suuuper cheap.

I was trying to think of a reason I might need lots of wreaths in different sizes, when I thought of those snowman wreaths that I've seen around the blogosphere!

DUH! I could totally do that and it would be so totally easy.

And it was.

Here's how:

Since I have french doors, all my supplies are doubled, but if you only have one door, then you only need one snowman. (Every time I try to type snowman, I type smownan instead... weird.)

Anywho, grab faux (or real!) wreaths in 3 different sizes.  You'll also need floral wire, wire cutters and velvet ribbon.

I think the smallest wreath was $1 and the largest was $3?  The ribbon was $4 and I already had the wire and wire cutters.

Grab your smallest wreath (the head) and your middle wreath, turn them upside down and put them as close together as you can.

Take your floral wire and wrap it around both wreath forms tightly so they are secured together.

Repeat to wire the middle wreath to the bottom wreath.

Now your snowman needs a scarf.  Cut a length of ribbon about 3-ish yards long and tie it around ol' Frosty's neck.

If you want (and why wouldn't you because it's super cute?), cut the ribbon on the end so it looks like fringe.

Grab a wreath hanger and hang your cute snowman wreath by the head!

Adorable, right?  If you wanted, you could also get crafty and add a top hat (made out of felt, perhaps?), and a carrot nose.  My simplistic version took maybe 10 minutes for both of them.

I didn't do much stoop decorating this year and just kept it simple with my new wreaths and a cute personalized {snowman} sled.

Have a great last weekend before Christmas!

{Wait, what?  Ahhhhhhh!}

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