10 Months

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sydney's 10th month was the BEST.  Her first Christmas and TWO more teeth - they seem to come in twos.  This time, it was her top two, which made it really fun to sing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth."  She had one sleepless night when the first one was poking through, but the second one didn't bother her, as was the case with her bottom two.  Also, lately she has been growing like a WEED.  Can you tell from her 9 month pic to her 10 month?  Her baby thighs are out of control with the cuteness.  I think she'll be walking really soon.  She stands on her own for short periods of time now (when she feels like it) and even when she does hold onto things, she puts almost no weight on them.  

She loves getting into the bathroom trash.  Which is gross.  I have to move it every time she's in our bathroom.  Oh, and the toilet lid must be down or else she will be sticking her hand in the water.

She responds well to "No."  In fact, she's a really great listener.  I don't know who taught her to listen so well, or maybe she was just born that way?  I guess I was always a rule follower, so maybe she'll be the same way.  Let's hope.

She is developing a little bit of sass, though.  Which is funny/cute, but also alarming.  We might have our hands full here soon.

She is so utterly exhausted when we get home from daycare that she requires a small bottle and some cuddle time before she will let me set her down.  She only sleeps about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours at daycare every day, whereas on weekends, she'll take two naps, totaling at least 3 hours.

She loves the My Pal Violet stuffed animal that she got for Christmas.  It's personalized to say her name and her favorite things.  Every time it sings Wheels on the Bus, Syd gets very excited.  For some reason, she loves that song.

We rearranged her room last night, moving her crib to the far wall, and the Expedit shelf to the wall her crib was on.  We made the switch because we got a TV for her room on Black Friday and haven't had anywhere to put it since then.  So now it can sit on top of the Expedit, where we can see it, and more importantly, where she can't reach it from her crib.  It's a Smart TV, so we mostly use it to stream Pandora and Netflix.  It will be nice to have some background noise in her room since we're in there so much!  I'll be sure to post some updated photos of it as soon as I get the decor rearranged!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm off with my aunt and cousin on a surprise weekend getaway for my birthday.

Oh yeah, I turned 30 last Sunday.

I can hardly believe it.

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