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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hi Friends!  Today we're talking kitchens.  Get excited!!

As I'm sure you all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  When we first decided that we were going to build, my first thought was "Oh my gosh, I get to design my own kitchen!!"  This photo really set the wheels in motion.

source unknown

Maybe it's the ALL.THE.WINDOWS., maybe it's the farmhouse sink, maybe it's the cabinets, maybe it's the touches of green (I'm a sucker for touches of green), or maybe it's the gorgeous hydrangeas.  Whatever it is, it speaks to me.  It's definitely not the wall color though.  Major miss there.

Anyway.  If you scroll back up to the floor plan, you'll see that we have one wall of upper cabinets, and the entire sink wall is just windows.  

For a while, I thought I didn't want any upper cabinets in our kitchen at all, but luckily I came to my senses, and thought it would look more balanced and dare I say it, beautiful, if the range wall had uppers.  

While we haven't made any final decisions, per se, we've met with the cabinet maker and pretty  much know what we want.

There was never any question that I was going with white cabinets.

Shaker style.  Full overlay.  No trendy glass fronts.  I figured since we will only have a few uppers, it makes sense for their contents to be behind closed doors.  After all, it will probably be boring (and ugly) things like our collection of Tervis tumblers.  Oh and did I mention that all the lower cabinets will be drawers?  Hello, Functionality, nice to meet ya!

Speaking of the upper cabinets on the range wall, I'm thinking a little something like this.  We'll definitely have a furniture hood (as opposed to an appliance hood), and I think having a kitchen mantel above the range would be like I'd died and gone to Kitchen Heaven.  Also, pot filler is a must.

We went back and forth for a while trying to decide on the dimensions for the island.  There wasn't really enough room to have all the storage I wanted and seating on the long side.  So when I saw this photo it was like, LIGHTBULB, put two bar stools on the end.  I get to keep all the storage, and since our breakfast table is literally steps away, I don't think we'll miss the extra island seating.

source unknown

I think the below photo is very similar to what the finished layout will be like.

source unknown

Backsplash tile still has me stumped a bit.  I don't think I want to go with white.  Since the cabinets are white, I fear that it will be too.much.white and will need some sort of contrast.  Committing to an actual color is hard though.  I'm not sure where we'll end up yet, but for some reason, I'm loving these muted greens...

We're not sure what the primary function of the butler's pantry will be quite yet, but the idea of a beverage fridge has always appealed to me and that would be the perfect spot.  Our cabinet quote includes lower cabinets for the butler's pantry, but not uppers, even though the floor plan shows them.  I'm thinking open, chunky, wooden floating shelves would be just FAB.  Oh, and the wall painted with chalkboard paint, because obviously.

I just found the below photo this morning and now I think I must have a corner cabinet with tiny floating shelves wrapping around onto the sink wall.  It's a must.

Countertops have me majorly stumped, but I know I don't want marble.  Granite would be nice, but I don't want it to be too dark or busy.  I'm open to quartz or solid surface because both of those options are durable and a little less expensive.  So basically, I only know what I don't want at this point, not what I do want. :)

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  1. Yes! I adore this kitchen plan. I'm a total white-kitchen girl, and the subtle green backsplash seems very "you", so go for it! I've been a horrible blog friend, but I'm still reading, just rarely commenting. Can't wait to follow along!

    Jessica StayatHomeista