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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hello and happy almost-Easter-weekend to you! (Anyone else counting down the hours until quitting time?)

I'm a pretty decisive person, in general, so when it came time to choose floor plans for our new home, it didn't take me long to narrow down the (meeeeeeeellions) of options.

My requirements were:
1)  Craftsman
2)  Lots o' windows
3)  Craftsman
4)  4 bedrooms
5)  Craftsman
6)  Front porch
7)  Craftsman

Obviously, I'm in love with the Craftsman style, so there was really no choice to make there.  It was Craftsman or bust!

We ended up having a local residential designer modify a plan we found online to better suit our needs. This is what we ended up with:

It was enlarged to meet the minimum square footage requirements for our neighborhood, a second bedroom (S2's) was added to the main floor, the second floor was eliminated, and a full basement was added.  Those two smaller windows on the far left are S2's.  Her room sits at the back of the house, but it's hard to tell depth from a flat elevation.

A vaulted ceiling and wall o' windows were added to the living room, and basically anywhere we could add more windows, we did.  While our last house was great in many many ways, it lacked natural light, which always bothered me.  Bring on the sunshine!

From left to right in the rear elevation:  Large sliding glass door from our master bedroom leads out onto the deck, aforementioned wall o' windows, door from breakfast room leads out onto deck, large windows in breakfast room, smaller windows above kitchen cabinets, S2's bedroom.  On basement level: bedroom 2, bedroom 3, and the rec room.

You can see the depth in the rear elevations better than the front.  In the left side, you can see S2's room on the far left with the little window.  See how much further back it is than the front of the house?

Okay, now on to the fun part - the floor plans!

Below are the detailed architectural plans, but I'll make some simpler ones soon!  It will be much easier to follow along without all those lines in the way.

Did you see the walk-in-closet in the master?  Heavenly.  Oh and I'm also super excited about the large foyer.  Having that looooong wall to decorate is my idea of a good time.

We're only finishing the two bedrooms and the jack-and-jill bath in the basement as part of the build.  We'll wait a few years and then do the rec room, media room and half bath.

The most important part of love lake living, is of course, the lake!  Here she is.

Well it's not much to look at yet, but as of next week, most of those trees will be history!  I'm so excited to see the lot all cleared.

We're moving the majority of our furniture and belongings into storage this weekend, and then next weekend we move into an apartment where we'll live for the duration of the build.  We went to look at our exact apartment yesterday (we had only seen the model) and now I'm totally stumped about what furniture to bring!  I'm hoping inspiration will strike soon.

Next steps:  Lot clearing and grading!

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