grading: complete.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hi friends and happy Wednesday to you!

Construction was put on hold for about 3 weeks while things were sorted out as far as the grading is concerned.  Honestly, I don't really understand the majority of it, I just know that we put a gameplan in place and now the land is FLAT.  Woo to the hoo!

Here's a reminder of the lot before any construction began.  This photo was taken just a few steps onto the land from the road.  So it's looking from the front of the lot, down toward the lake (can you see it there through the trees?)

They brought in the big guns to remove trees and now there's a huge pile of mulch at the front of the property.  (See the lot marker there behind the CAT?  Perfect frame of reference from before ^ to now.)

We chose to take down all the trees that we were legally able to.  The ones in the 50-foot buffer zone down at the lake have to stay for erosion reasons, but don't worry, we have a plan to maximize the view!

All of the above photos were taken a few weeks ago, and the next few were all taken after work yesterday!  What a difference, I tell ya.

Now we have a driveway...

...and a big hole for the house!

It's a lot easier to tell how the house will be laid out now.  So, all this flat area you see below will be the basement floor, and then the house will be built up from there.  You would think that'd be obvious, but it's hard for some people to picture it.  So the view of the house from the road should be a good one.  It won't look like it's sitting down in a valley or anything.  We actually had to increase the height of the basement (see: grading issues), so we'll have 10' ceilings down there, which means more steps down, which means less room in the basement "foyer."  Anyway, it means that we'll have a grande basement, and I'm okay with that.

Also, no drop ceilings.  Because I'm not okay with that, much to our builder's chagrin. ;)

Mostly because half of our bedrooms are in the basement.  And I can't paint a drop ceiling with a cute color like I might want to paint S2's room one day.

It all comes down to the decorating; ease of access be damned! ;)

Okay, enough winky faces.  Here's a final look at the basement cut.

Footings should be dug and poured by the end of the week and then it's time for the FOUNDATION.  *happy dance*

In other news: we've decided on all the cabinetry!  I'll share soon.

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