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Monday, June 1, 2015

I love shopping traditional "kids" retailers for home accents.  You can find some interesting and funky things that you just can't find elsewhere.

Since I will have a whole new house to decorate here in a few months, I've been scouring the interwebs trying to find a direction for our new space.  Specifically S2's room because decorating a girl's room is my idea of a good time.  She will almost be ready for a big girl bed by the time we move in, so I'm going to have my childhood bed lacquered in a fun color for her.  Anyway, that's why I've been keeping an eye on The Land of Nod.  But I would use the majority of these things in any room of our house, not just hers.  I was on their site this morning and just found one cute thing after another - I had to just stop because it would be pointless for me just to link to every.single.thing.

I'm going to keep the commentary to a minimum but just know that each of these items oozes so much style that for me to pick a favorite would just be too difficult.

(There is SO MUCH cute bedding!!)

(I mean, how cute is that product name?!)

Do you love kids' retailers as much as I do?  So much fun!

All images via The Land of Nod.

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