framing: an update.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Can we have a quick chat?

Great, thanks.

I moved by blog from to on April 1.

Sadly, my followers didn't follow.

I checked how many "followers" I have today.  It's 4.

Y'all.  That's depressing.

If you're reading this (thank you!), will you please go over there >> and subscribe?  You can subscribe to my feed or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram... pick your poison!

Okay, now that that's off my chest, let's talk framing.

The week before last, the floor trusses went in:

Shortly thereafter, they started framing the main level!!  Cue exclamation points!!!

This is the front door (left) and dining room window (right).

Looking through the living room to the master bedroom (the living room isn't framed yet because of the vaulted ceiling).

The master bedroom door/window opening.  We're having one central door and two tall windows on each side that will lead out to the deck.

My glorious kitchen windows!  I couldn't be more excited about these if I tried.

Looking through the kitchen to S2's room (entry on the left).

She was excited too.  Actually, her daddy was tickling her leg.  Whatever, I'll take it. :)

Then last Thursday, they started putting on the roof trusses!  It's actually starting to look like a real life house!

Within the next few weeks, the roof will be completely finished, zip wall will be on, and windows and doors will be going in.  Eeeeee.

We feel completely blessed that we are able to build this "forever" home for our family.  This is where our girl will grow up and the only place she and any future kids will remember.  We are fully intent on growing old and gray here.  And I'm so glad I have this little corner of the Internet to document this journey.  Lord knows when I'm 75, I'll have these old posts to remember what it was like to build this house and all those crazy choices I made, like having white cabinets.  Why didn't I get honey oak and hang some burgundy and hunter green valances?!  You know that will be all the rage again. :)



  1. I'm one of the 4! Feeling very proud:) Your weekly pregnancy photos are my most pinned pin each week, so maybe repost some of those posts here?

    1. I do have my pregnancy photo post in the sidebar (linking to the new url on this site) but don't want to delete it from 2027 because then all those pins won't lead to anywhere which is frustrating for the pinner! There's no good way to forward posts either. So frustrating! Someone needs to invent a solution. :) Anyway, thanks for being 1 of 4!

  2. Looks like a great start to a beautiful home :)