the kitchen plans.

Friday, July 24, 2015

When deciding to build a house, the single most exciting thing, to me, was getting to design my very own kitchen.  No having to live with the decisions of residents past!  Actually having a backsplash!  Drawers for days!

As a reminder, here's the floor plan we're working with:

And here are the final cabinet plans for our future kitchen!

Can you even handle all the storage?  And the drawers?!  Heavenly.  We had two deep drawers in the kitchen at our last house where we stored the pots/pans and baking sheets and I'm telling you, those drawers were so great!  Especially compared to where I have to keep the pots and pans now in our apartment - in a corner cabinet stacked on top of each other.  So one of my requirements for my new kitchen was that it have a lot of drawers - and I think I accomplished that. :)

Another thing that I wanted was upper cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling.  I think cabinets that stop short of the ceiling are a bad use of space; after all, any "decor" you put up there looks kind of kitschy and wouldn't you rather have the space to store dishes?

Also, in thinking about how we truly live, I knew that glass-front cabinets and open shelves, while all the rage in kitchen design right now, just wouldn't work for us.  So I had the cabinet builder add small glass-front cabinets at the very top of the uppers on the range wall, and tiny open shelves next to the last cabinet on the sink wall, to incorporate some cute features while still being functional for us.  I'm thinking those tiny shelves will hold a future retro salt/pepper shaker collection (I literally just thought of that right now, but how cute would that be?!) and the glass front cabinets might hold a few pieces of our wedding china or special glassware (or my future collection of Fostoria Argus - I've recently become obsessed with that stuff after seeing a tumbler set at an antiques store. Sadly, there were only three glasses or I would have bought it in a hurry!)

Anyway, let's go wall by wall and look at it in more detail, because why not?

Sink Wall:
Left to right:  aforementioned glass front cabinet and floating shelves. Blind corner unit (door will open and reveal a shelving system that can be pulled out to access the corner), drawer bank (for kitchen towels, lesser used utensils, sponges, etc.), farmhouse sink with standard cabinets underneath, dishwasher, and 2-drawer unit.

I am the most excited about this wall.  Having these windows to look out while I'm doing dishes or preparing dinner or helping S2 with her {future} homework will be amazing.  Maybe I'll even have a bird feeder.  Oh, and the windows are much larger/closer together in real life.

Range Wall:
Left to right, top to bottom: door to S2's bedroom, standard uppers with glass front cabinets on top, built-in furniture hood (will be built to look like cabinetry),  2 drawer bank (for pots and pans), 4-drawer bank (for everyday utensils, cookware and trivets), range, and pull-out spice drawer.

Originally, we were going to have a cooktop where the range is and a microwave/wall oven combo on the far left where the deep drawers are.  After considering that layout, I realized that it would really limit my counter space directly beside the cooktop which would really cramp my cooking style.  So in the end, we decided to do a slide-in range instead, which not only gave me more counter space, but was cheaper in the long run.

Fridge Wall:

This wall contains pretty standard cabinetry, with a spot to pull up a desk chair and have a little work space.  This wall will serve primarily as our home office / bill-paying center, with the exception of the upper cabinet right beside the fridge, which will surely hold cups and glasses for easy access.


The island back will be the side facing the fridge wall, while the island face will be the side facing the sink wall.

I struggled the most with the layout of the island because I couldn't really decide how we would use it.  I finally nailed down that having drawers on the sink wall meant we could store our everyday dishes in those, which will be directly across from the dishwasher.  I knew I didn't want a microwave sitting on the counter, and I didn't want a microwave hood like in our last house, so those two requirements meant that it had to be built in to the cabinetry somewhere, and it obviously had to be easily accessible because we use it all the time.  So we stuck it in the island with two shallow shelves underneath for baking sheets.  The island back cabinet will hold infrequently used appliances (toaster, blender, etc.), while the shelves will hold cookbooks.

So that's the layout of our new kitchen!  I'm putting together a mood board for the kitchen and hope to share that next week so you can see what our cabinets will look like, lighting, faucets, etc.

Have a great weekend lovelies!


  1. Totally unsolicited advice- think about where you want to put your trash, often the farmhouse sink (which I have and LOVE), doesn't have space beneath it for a full sized trash. Super excited for you!

    1. Hi Jessica! I’m super weird about my trash can. I used to nanny for a family who had theirs under the kitchen sink and they could only fill the bag up half full before having to take it out of the trash can and leave the bag in the middle of the kitchen until it was full. Is that how you use your trash can? Or do you buy smaller bags? I don’t get it, lol. I need my huge stainless steel Simple Human with the foot pedal. It will go in the pantry. :) Hands-free trash throwing is my jam. :)

      Also, the original cabinet builder that we had quote our kitchen thought it was so strange that I didn’t want a pull-out trash can. Like, he actually gave me a look like he thought I was a little bit looney. My mom has the pull-out cabinet kind and the cabinet itself gets disgusting from all the food that misses the bin. It’s funny because getting to choose everything that will go in this house, my first thought is, how easy will it be to keep clean? lol

      Thanks for the comment and for following along!!