the exterior: all framed out

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guys. Don't hate me. For some unknown reason, I took the month of August off from blogging.  I honestly have no idea where August went or how it's September already?!  Wasn't it just July?  I'm so confused.  Also, pardon the iPhone photos - somehow I didn't get any exterior pics with my good camera when I was snapping away over the weekend.

Anyway, a construction update is LONG overdue.  So long overdue, in fact, that I have to split the update into a few different posts.  First up: the exterior.

When we last met, I left off here:

The roof trusses above were pre-fabricated off site so they went up in a few hours.  The other half of the roof (below) had to be stick built on site due to a complicated roof structure on that side, so that took a few extra days.

Honestly, the entire framing process seemed to be over in a flash.  We would go out to the site every day after work and a whole new section would be up.  Just wait until I bring you all the way up to speed.  You won't believe how far along we are!  #teaser

At this point, it was really starting to look like a house!  No longer just a flat drawing on paper, but a real-life house!

Our builder scheduled two days back at the beginning of August for us to meet with all of the subcontractors.  We both took the days off of work, and while we were there one day, the framers put in every.single.window.  In like, a couple hours maybe?  I'm telling you, they're rockstars.

Sidebar: Speaking of meeting with all the subcontractors, we've heard from other people (mostly the subcontractors!) that the vast majority of builders do not have the homeowners actually meet with anyone.  I can't think of a subcontractor that we met with that we didn't alter something that they were doing.  We chose the locations for every single outlet (receptacle in electrician speak), air vent, door swing direction, everything.  We even changed where we wanted the stone placed on the front of the house after talking it through with the stone guy.  Oh, and the cabinet maker came out and marked all the cabinets on the floor and we realized that the island would be too wide for the fridge doors to open comfortably so we had to reduce the width by about 6".  I can't imagine having been happy with another builder - he is just so thorough and keeps his people on schedule or else they incur his wrath!  No seriously, though, after this is all said and done, I'm sure I'll post a rave review of him here.  Stay tuned.

So, here's all the windows in and the tar paper on the roof.

It's amazing the difference that windows make in making a house look like a house!

This my favorite view right now:

The front door will be stained to match the garage doors and the front porch (!!) has a gray stamped concrete floor (which is actually already complete and hiding under the plywood above).  The big window over the front door looks down into the two story foyer.

How onto the back of the house.

The peak below is the living room.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned it, but instead of doing a traditional house wrap that you normally see on new construction (you know, the white plastic that says "Lowes" or "TyVek" all over it), we opted to do what's called a Zip System.  The house wrap material is pre-applied to plywood and the joints are taped with Zip tape.  Installation is easier and it's more moisture and air-resistant than traditional house wrap.

Probably the most exciting room in the house so far has been the living room with our lovely wall o' windows.  They finished framing it last and the windows went in last, so the anticipation was torture!

Finally, windows!

You can see the support board for the deck above (and actually the deck is already framed out - so exciting! - but that's for another day).

Next up:  an update on the interior progress!

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