you're only young once, my loved one: free printable

Thursday, September 10, 2015

So, I've been thinking about S2's room at the new house.  The color scheme is still a little elusive  (should I go pink or aqua like her last room? or maybe keep it neutral? I can't decide.), but one thing I do know is that I want to hang some meaningful art.

Have you heard the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song "Growing Up", feat. Ed Sheeran?  If not, watch the music video here.  I actually listened to the lyrics earlier this week (I'm notorious for hearing a song about 20 times before I even know what it's about.) and it really spoke to me.  My favorite line is when he says "You're only young once, my loved one. This is your chance. Take a risk 'cause life moves so fast."

I thought those lyrics would be perfect to hang in her new room.



Right click and save as to download (8 x 10 format).  Free for personal use only, please.

Now to figure out how to use all the lyrics from "Forever Young."  ...we've been marathon watching Parenthood on Netflix.  I freakin' love that show and I freakin' love that song.  SO GOOD.

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