the paint colors

Monday, October 26, 2015

After sharing the plans for the powder room and S2's room, I realized that I need to go ahead and show you the paint colors for the rest of the house!

We decided to keep the paint colors to a minimum for now (eventually I'd love to paint the dining room and laundry room different colors) mainly because deciding on ONE paint color for the main floor was hard enough, much less adding different colors in the mix.

Here are the paint colors broken down by room.

Benjamin Moore "Sterling" is the majority of the main floor (and the basement).  We used that color in the great room of our last house so we knew we loved it.  We tried out a few different colors but they were all too light or too purple-y so we took the easy way out and went with our trusted Sterling.

As I've already shared, S2's room is PPG "Candy Mix" and PPG "Victory Blue" and the powder room is PPG "Victory Blue".

After seeing a gray-blue-green color in a bedroom photo on Pinterest, we knew we wanted to create something similar in our master suite.  Enter PPG "Blue By You" in the bedroom and the one above it on the paint chip, PPG "Sky Diving," in the bathroom and closet.

The first coat of all the paint is up and we are so happy with it!  Sterling was the perfect choice, S2's room is OH MY GOSH PINK (just the perfect shade for a little girl) and our room is a just-right shade of blue.  No paint color remorse here, thank goodness.

If you know me in real life, then you know what my memory is like.  I literally have no recollection of most things that happen.  My family is always asking me "remember when..." and I'm like, no.  I don't remember.  All that to say that I'm challenging myself to post more often, if just for my own sake.  So I can remember things!  I've learned not to make blog post promises because it's hard for me to keep them and then I feel like a failure, so just know this:  I hope you'll see me around this neck of the woods more often.

Until next time... xo

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