the powder room: mood board

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hello hello!  I talked briefly about the powder room on Monday when I shared our lighting plans with you.  For some reason, this room has been the most fun for me so far.  Maybe it's because I had a clear vision?  Maybe it's because it's so small and small rooms are less intimidating?  After all, if I hate our {spoiler alert} navy blue walls, it would only take a couple hours to repaint, amiright?

Before I share the mood board, here's a reminder of the room I'm talking about:

The door at the bottom is the entry from the garage and the opening right outside the powder room leads into the kitchen.  As you can see, it has an angled wall that makes the space kind of tight.

This is the main bathroom that guests will use so I wanted to make a statement with my choices in there.  There's no room for "safe" design choices in such a small room - you gotta go bold!

Anyway, here's the direction we're headed:

photos from left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

The starting point for the whole room design was the pottery sink.  We decided a long long time ago that we needed one of those sinks in our lives and a powder room seems to be the perfect spot for a vessel.  After we bought the sink, we had our cabinet maker sketch us up a design for the vanity.  All I told him was that we wanted an open piece of furniture (no cabinet doors) and I wanted X-es on the sides.  The plumbing will be exposed (did you know you can pay a little extra to have fancy exposed plumbing? I'm not sure what it will look like yet, but it won't be white PVC, that's for sure!) and the faucet will be mounted on the wood counter top (which will match the rest of the vanity).  We contemplated having a granite remnant cut to fit the vanity top but thought it would compete too much with our sink so we just asked the cabinet maker to do a wood top.  We're not worried about moisture since it's just a powder room and since the vessel sink will mostly protect it from splashes.

We're going navy on the walls (Pittsburgh Paints "Victory Blue") and in fact, the first coat is already on and it's so dark, moody and FAB.  No there's no natural light in there and it will be cave-like, but that's okay.  I love a good dark room, especially since the rest of our house is so bright.  Our painter tried to talk us out of it (and actually painted it the wrong color the first time, supposedly on accident, haha), but there was no dissuading me.

The mirror proved to a be little difficult because it had to be small (this one is 13" x 19").  At first I thought we might have to have one custom cut and framed but then I found this one for a steal at Pottery Barn ($79 and I had a coupon).  I love the thin gold frame and the chain detail.

So that's the powder room design in a nutshell.  I can't wait to see it all come together!

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