christmas eve.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I woke up this morning coughing (from the cold that never ends) and thinking about all the tasks that need to be completed today.  Three or four more gifts to wrap, some stocking stuffers to pick up, cookies to bake for Santa, how-in-the-world am I going to iron the outfit I want to wear tomorrow with no iron or ironing board or even dryer at our new house?  Then I walked out into the living room and suddenly, none of that mattered.

I don't think we've ever had a more gorgeous Christmas tree.  Of course, we've never had the perfect place to put one either.  Would it be weird if I left it up until Valentine's Day?  I don't think I can bear to part with the twinkly lights.

We've had some foggy mornings on the lake this week and I have to say, I'm quite enjoying the view.

If it's not going to snow this Christmas, at least there's fog and rain.  There's nothing worse than a sunny Christmas. :)

The house is still quiet although I'm surprised I haven't heard rustlings from a certain 1-year-old yet.  I better go check on that.

Merry Christmas, y'all!  I sincerely hope it's the best Christmas ever.

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