our first holes in the wall.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I've had good intentions for a while now to post a full home tour of our new house, and I promise, it's coming!!  I have approximately 1 meeeellion photos to go through and edit and frankly, they're not the best because I need a wide angle lens, but whatever, they're technically "before" photos so they're supposed to be bad, amiright?

ANYWAY.  All that to say that this post isn't meant to be a tease, but I am so happy with the first holes we made in the wall that I just had to share! :)

I've had these art prints for a while, from Minted artist Stacey Meacham here.  I actually ordered 5 thinking I would hang them in a long row, but turns out I don't have that many walls that would accommodate a long row of frames, so I settled on hanging 4 on this little wall in the kitchen.  I'm sure I'll find a place for the 5th somewhere! (On the left is the {messy} pantry and the door on the right is S2's room.)

I decided not to center them on the wall and instead center them between the island and the counter.  In person it makes sense, but seeing a straight on shot like this makes you wonder why I wouldn't have centered them.  Trust. :)

The black frames pull in the lights on the other side of the kitchen, the green of the succulents coordinates back to the backsplash and the bluish pots tie in the wall color.  I mean, it's just like it was meant.to.be.

Aren't they cute?

I stocked up on frames at Hobby Lobby yesterday and hope to hang a family photo gallery soonish!  I'm not sure where I'm going to put it, but we have so many photos of our girl that we've never gotten to hang (from having our last house on the market, to living in an apartment, etc.) that I'm excited about finally getting our professional photos out of boxes and up onto the walls.  I'm eyeing the angle wall in our living room because I'm not sure I want to commit to anything in the foyer yet.  I want the foyer to make a massive statement but I haven't exactly decided what that statement is just yet.  Plus our previous foyer table is absolutely DWARFED in our new foyer so I need to find something to replace it.  I'm thinking a church pew would be fab, but the few I've found on Craigslist have either already been sold or are too far away.  Sad face.  But I shall keep looking!

But in general, boxes are all unpacked on the main floor, with the exception of the dining-room-turned-office.  The basement bedrooms is another story.  I'm hoping to tackle at least the linen closet and guest bedroom this weekend.  My craft room will have to wait for a day when I am feeling REALLY motivated.  #itsbad  

Planning for S2's 2nd birthday party has commenced and I am SO EXCITED about the theme.  I can't wait to share it in a few weeks.

Anywho, apparently I'm chatty today, so until next time lovelies!

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Sterling a.k.a. the most perfect paint color in the history of ever.

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  1. Looks great! Love the walls :) Can't wait to see the house tour!